Money is Everywhere


When I think about money, scarcity and abundance ping in my head though not sure of the extent to which is the reality in normal life.

Money comes with timing, opportunities, luck and knowing money hideouts.

Money might be the scarcest thing but also the most abundant thing especially to those who know where money is. Most people spend the biggest part of their lives chasing money as when money keeps running away from them for the most obvious reasons of not knowing exactly what money is.

Money comes with timing, opportunities, luck and knowing money hideouts. Everything you look at is money, but everything you look at can be waste and the reverse is true. Gabbage is a source of money where everyday people and companies are reaping big ,feces are a huge source of money in form of fertilizers that run the agricultural industry and the employees who earn a leaving from it and don’t forget Bill Gates is trying to get drinking water from toilets( Bill Gates Want to reinvent the toilet),have you thought about how much money will be derived from that water if the project becomes a success?

Money is indeed everywhere however your ability to flip the opportunity that looks impossible might be the difference to why money is either scarce or abundant in this world. From today think of the less exploited opportunities like scrap, plastics around you, old furniture, old tires, food needs for your community, chauffeur services, information opportunities and the last thing your community member would ever think of business but it generates money every single day.

If you ever think of money in your world, be that person who ties everything with an aim of specializing once any manifests right and always look at every opportunity with appropriate energy, potential, scrutiny, investment potential and ensure the best is always squeezed of it.

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