Every Business Needs a Mayra


Over the weekend, my daughters and I went to Uganda wildlife education Centre (ZOO) to visit animals and also contribute to conservation through entry fees at the facility.it started on a good note seeing zebras, Uganda Kob, leopards, lions, and other animals in the Zoo, but along the course, the girls went to go and play in the child-friendly space they saw at entry.

…there should always be risk-taking!

As per one of my earlier articles, I did mention that money is everywhere depending on the lens on your eyes. There’s a gentleman who established a children’s play center on your way to animal homes which kids notices first before anything else, but like, supermarkets place sweets at the counter, this is exactly what this dude did. Kids focus less on animals and much attention on the swings and trains in the space among other stuff in there. This got me thinking about our market positioning and locations for our businesses in general and thus a question of “Do we ever give it a thorough thought”?

By the way, my focus is on that risk-taker that any business or team should have to inspire others for better things to happen. When we entered the Kids play Centre with many kids’ attractions, the girls ran to a few and then came to a zipper line which will be the discussion point here. All the three girls wanted to get an experience of it for the first time, however precious and Makayla the oldest were afraid of floating in the air on a line. Mayra the youngest insisted to go lead the way, she climbed up with the help of the instructor, and before we knew she was on the line floating. After her attempt, Precious and Makayla gained the confidence to float in the air on the Zipline with joy and happiness.

That got me thinking of how all of us, businesses & teams need that risk-taker who is willing to sacrifices and try out things most are afraid of in the interest of building the confidence of others in our operations, strategy, or any other you may think of in your perspective thus concluding that every business & individual need a Mayra in there to break the fear.

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