Discipline & Money


Winners need discipline, not motivation. Today for one to start saying they don’t need to be motivated but rather asked to be disciplined as the best drive of money management.

discipline is far more important than motivation.

Most successful people around were motivated to start saving but with discipline continued saving which made them grow day by day in savings, investment, and then the wealth we all see.

For some, resolutions are made every year or even monthly but almost none come to pass and the answer is simple, lack of discipline due to fact that motivation fades away. You’ll buy a saving box, drop in some coins for as long as your friend still reminds you but that will stop if you don’t own it up as brushing your teeth every morning. For example, for a bodybuilder to appear on stage, it takes them almost 20years to compile the intake of food, learn his body, practice more often, resting enough as a routine discipline with a purpose of appearing on stage and this will never be a different process to money managing, finance management unless you hit a jack pot in a second but still even with a jackpot some discipline, has to be manifested somehow.

Discipline is far more important than motivation. Everyone has problems, expenses but the discipline to make a persistent fight to change everything calls for lookup into all the decisions you are making and how the decisions will make you or change or determine your financial future.


Different disciplines may include the following;

  1. Not neglecting what you can do best, be it reading, working out, saving, investing, anything even if it’s a step but never neglect what you can do.
  2. Doing the best one can do, am sure none of us knows what’s best, however with better there is room for improvement. one can only see beyond the fog when she/he takes the first step once that’s done the end of the road becomes the limit.
  3. Being limitless, working as far as one can see, and then getting to see and explore more. Remember the saying of “atanayitayita yatenda nnyina okufumba “just go as far as you can.

Some of the Keys to discipline are;

  • Awareness of the things that we want to achieve and do a change.
  • Willingness to maintain the new discipline and recognize its importance
  • Commitment to see the opportunities and make something out when the time is right.
  • willingness to be patient and appreciate the different seasons, for example, both the sun and moon shine but only when it’s their time to shine.

In conclusion, you ought to be disciplined in whatever decision you make to avoid regrets because it builds good health, career, fortunes, cashflows incredible marriages, etc., and also unlocks all the happiness, sophistication, culture love, and wealth among many others.

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